Learn Circus Skills

Join Big Top Circus Singapore and learn fun circus skills in a safe and non-competitive environment.

Fun Circus Skills

Unicycle Riding

Learn the art of unicycle riding and master the balance and precision required to perform this thrilling circus skill.


Discover the joy of juggling and improve your hand-eye coordination while impressing your friends and family.

Rolla Bolla Balance

Learn the art of balance and amaze audiences with your skill and precision. Can you juggle at the same time?

Learn the art of plate spinning and amaze audiences with your skill and precision.

Plate Spinning
Poi Spinning

Learn the art of poi spinning with streamer Poi, Flag Poi & amaze all with L.E.D. Poi at night!

Stilt Walking

Our hand-held stilts make learning Stilt-walking simple to understand. Once you can do it you never forget how.

Flower Sticks

Flower Sticks AKA devil Sticks are easy to learn the basics but years to master. A skill that you will always be improving.

Object Balance

6 to 8 inches high only. We teach as if the wire were a meter high. Come down safely one side - not one foot each side!

Tight-Rope Walking

We start with long balloons & progress to long sticks, 2 sticks balanced on each other & object balance on chin etc.

Please ask us about Aerial Trapeze / Acrobalance, Fire Breathing or any other Circus skills.

We have specialists in every genre.

"We thought we'd never be able to juggle" Big Top Made it quiet easy. At the end all 8 of us could juggle 3 balls for 21 throws. Thanks Big Top. Fire Eating next :)  - Adam J Stanger

Jon and his team have taught students from Grade 1 to Grade 6 with passion, whilst maintaining a high standard of professionalism and consistency. Students of all abilities are able to learn the art of circus in many forms or wow with their circus abilities. - Kate Moreau

”We did a Circus Workshop Birthday Party for 9 year olds and it was fantastic. Parents can learn alongside their children which is a lovely experience. Thanks Big Top! - Daniel Thorpe

Here's what our customers say

Big Top Circus Singapore teaches a variety of circus skills including tight-rope walking, juggling, plate spinning, and many more.

All lessons are taught by professional circus trainers with years of experience.

Learning circus skills is a physical, creative education which has been shown to improve academic performance.

Juggling actually increases grey matter in the parts of the brain that process visual/motion information!

We engage all students at a level sensitive to their current abilities; students progress at their own pace and are responsible (with our guidance) for developing their own style.

Circus skills are perfect for students who dislike or lack confidence in traditional sports or academic pursuits.

Students enjoy non-competitive activity. Students learn to break tasks down, developing cognitive, problem-solving skills. As they negotiate their way through the different stages of learning a trick that which seemed impossible becomes possible leading to an immense sense of achievement.

Juggling engages both the left and right hand sides of our brains. Our left hand brain is responsible for procedures, logic, maths, and gets a very thorough work-out from analysing where to aim that next throw, or where the hand should be positioned to catch it. The right hand, or creative side, is responsible for turning juggling into an art – choreographing tricks into routines. This is the same for all manipulation skills. They get our brains working holistically & sharpen focus, which leads to improvement in academic performance.

Circus skills have cross-curricular relevance, including elements of performance arts, maths & even physics. Studies suggest that as hand-eye coordination is greatly improved by juggling, it is particularly beneficial for dyslexics.

“Children get a great cardio-vascular and pulmonary work-out when they juggle scarves, exercising the big muscles close to the head and close to the heart.” Dave Finnigan



Confidence Building

Improving Academic Performance

Developing Transferable Skills

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